FREE Thailand Enduro Park BMW Motorrad GS Training

FREE Thailand Enduro Park

現凡購買 R 1250 GS Adventure 即可獲贈泰國Enduro Park BMW GS車系的教學課程由寶馬專業IIA 國際教官訓練,包來回機票, 酒店 及課程費用,通過所有騎乘測試的車主更可獲得BMW Motorrad的證書。課程由介紹BMW GS車系到練習騎乘技巧,讓車主獨自掌握電單車性能可以穩操勝券,探索挑戰!

Purchase the new R1250GS Adventure will get FREE Thailand Enduro Park training course level one and level two by BMW IIA trainer, also included flight ticket & hotel. Start your adventure here and Make Life A Ride. For more details, please visit our BMW Matauwei showroom or contact us at 31299155. Limited offer.