Option 719

No tinkering, no surprises, no compromises. With Option 719, you get part of true BMW Motorrad history that lends your bike a personal touch with the highest standards of quality. Under Option 719, you will find especially high-quality special equipment, such as the exclusive brown bench seat, impressive forged wheels, and exclusive paintwork with traditional hand lining, that make the design of your bike distinct. You can order this now as an ex works option. 

We focus on integrating these special equipment seamlessly into the overall appearance of the vehicle from the very beginning, meaning that we include parts during design, giving the motorcycle a consistent and exclusive appearance.

The interplay between long-established development expertise from BMW Motorrad and the interaction of complex production processes combined with tradition-steeped craftsmanship facilitate a new level of significance and exclusivity. In our configurator, you can individualise your bike to the highest level with Option 719 and have it assembled by precisely those who know your BMW motorcycle the best. By us.

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For an incomparable appearance.

Option 719 paints give your bike a certain glow. State-of-the-art paint technology paired with careful details and elaborate craftsmanship turn your machine into a true eye-catcher – and, with the traditional hand lining, into a one of a kind. It doesn't matter if you opt for Option 719 Blue planet metallic/Ivory or Option 719 Stardust metallic , these paints harmonise perfectly with all BMW Motorrad accessories.    

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Option 719 forged wheels

Contrast in perfection.

The 9-spoke forged wheels made of high-strength aluminium alloy set visual highlights with a surrounding high-glow milling, which stands out from the paintwork in Orbit Grey. A perfect contrast. The Option 719 forged wheel is the expression of the highest quality standards. Each hand movement and operation is carried out with the utmost care – meaning a highly sophisticated product results from a solid aluminium block. 

Option 719 seat bench

Taking a seat elegantly.

Only the best professionals work with utmost care on the Option 719 seat bench – from the first step right down to the very last thread. This allows the highest quality to be achieved, making it a real masterpiece in craftsmanship. And that's not all: the surface of the bench seat is absolutely weatherproof. The diamond-shaped stitching and embroidered model designation give the whole thing an elegant appearance. 

The highest production quality for your motorcycle.

The highest production quality for your motorcycle.

Sparks fly through the air. The burr cuts through the paint with clinical prevision and exposes only the finest of aluminium structures. The glowing alloy immediately catches the eye. The result is a forged wheel. Each other part of Option 719 is an expression of the high quality standards – each hand movement and each operation is carried out with the utmost care. The best professions work on Option 719 and turn a seat bench into a true work of art. And only top pin stripers with special skills can give your K 1600 GTL the crowning glory. Making your bike truly unique. Find out more about the design line on our web special and take a look behind the scenes thanks to the feature films.    

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Original BMW Motorrad Accessories

HP Parts.

High-performance – a statement for all those searching for the absolute maximum. High-quality parts made of carbon and titanium make every motorcycle into a unique one. First-class components give your machine individuality and extravagance.

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HP sports silencer.

HP sports silencer.

Craftsmanship at its finest: 2-pass slip-on silencers, with high-quality conical titanium casing, crossover pipes and mounting system made of stainless steel, plus end-cap made of carbon. With three tailpipes on each side, the K 1600 GT generates a rich, throaty sound to deliver a thrilling riding experience.

  • 2-pass slip-on silencer for a sonorous sound and a sporty look
  • Elaborate conically shaped jacket made of titanium
  • Crossover pipes and interior made of stainless steel
  • 3 tailpipes on each side, coated with carbon end cap
  • Low weight: approx. 8.1 kg (4.3 kg lighter than standard version)
  • Series-level power and torque
  • Logo with clearly visible HP lettering lasered onto the side
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Inner bag for touring panniers

The tough inner bags make it easier to load and unload the panniers, and are also water-resistant. The handy interior divides allow items such as clothes to be held in place, and the outer pockets are ideal for smaller objects. With carry handles and detachable shoulder strap.

  • Functional inner bags made of high-quality woven polyester
  • Highly water-resistant
  • Perfect fit for maximum utilisation of volume
  • Practical interior dividers with net for dividing space and bungee-cord spider in the lid
  • Zip outer bags for small parts
  • Stable floor and reinforced side walls for good hold and a highly rigid construction
  • Peripheral zip fastener for optimal accessibility
  • Detachable shoulder strap with adjustable padding, carry handle
  • Colour: black
Liner for topcase

The handy, high-quality inner bag is water-resistant and makes full use of the capacity of the top box. So while the inner bag is being used, space within the storage compartment for the top box will be limited. 

  • Functional inner bags made of high-quality woven polyester
  • Highly water-resistant
  • Perfect fit for maximum utilisation of volume
  • Stable floor and reinforced side walls for good hold and a highly rigid construction
  • 2 zip outer bags for small parts
  • 3-sided, 2-way zip fastener for optimal ease of access
  • Detachable shoulder strap with adjustable padding, 2 carry handles (can be stored in the side)
  • Colour: black
Storage compartment for top box

The perfect solution for documents, stationery or even your tablet: this handy document compartment has four quick-release fasteners for attaching to the lid of the top box, and helps keep things tidy while providing ready access to all your vital documents. 

  • Bag for e.g. documents and writing utensils
  • Attached to inside of top box lid by four quick-release fasteners
  • All-around zip
  • Practical interior dividers with DIN A4 document compartment, 2 pockets for small items and pen holder
  • Two sturdy carry handles
  • Dimensions: 37x22x4 cm
  • Upper material: high-quality woven polyester
  • Colour: black


Chrome parts

The choice is yours: these elegant, high-quality chrome parts can be combined as you wish, giving your K 1600 GTL a unique, stylish edge.

• Chrome-plated wind deflector, chrome-plated mirror cap, chrome-plated slipstream deflector

• Elegant built-on parts with high-quality chrome surface

• Optimal addition to the standard chrome-plated case strip, topcase lid trim and windshield trim

• Visual personalisation and vehicle refinement

Ergonomics and comfort.

Low windshield.

Gives the K 1600 GTL a track-style appearance while protecting it against the wind and rain.

  • Sporty look with good wind and weather protection
  • Lower with the same width (approx. 90 mm lower with GTL)
  • With scratch-resistant coating for permanent transparency.
  • General Operating Permit (ABE)
Footboards for pillion passenger

The footboards forged from high-quality aluminium alloys with non-slip rubber pad provide the pillion passenger with a large surface area for relaxed long tours.

  • Footboards made of high-strength aluminium alloy
  • Large surface area (155x102 mm)
  • Non-slip rubber pad
  • Optimal for relaxed long tours
Comfort armrests for pillion passenger

Comfortably padded and foldable: the comfort armrests are comfortable and make it easy to climb on. The topcase can also be opened with the armrests raised.

  • Comfortably padded armrests
  • Improved seating comfort for the pillion passenger
  • Ergonomically suitable for the standard topcase backrests
  • Foldable to make it easy to climb out

Navigation and communication.

BMW Motorrad Navigator VI

Enjoy the best rides of your life.

Let the new Navigator VI take you on some of the best rides of your life. The large 5 inch touchscreen will show you the way to unlimited riding enjoyment. The display features a circular polarization filter (CPOL) that minimizes reflections while improving the contrast and guarantees optimal readability even in direct sunlight. Experience new routes and destinations using the "Curvy Roads“ planning option, the "Avoid larger main roads“ feature, and the "Round trip“ function for round trips by time, distance or intermediate destination. To help you enjoy the best views along the way, the "Natural Guidance" prompts provide you with a precise description of the surrounding area. You set the soundtrack for your journey: with Bluetooth technology and the new "Music Streaming" feature you can listen to titles stored on your smartphone. Be the director and control compatible "Action Cams" directly from the navigator. 

In conjunction with the navigation preparation, even more groundbreaking functions such as the "My motorcycle" pages, warning and status messages, as well as the optional "Smartphone Link" app for real-time traffic information and current weather reports will turn your tour into a multimedia experience. The Navigator VI can also be comfortably and safely operated from the handlebars on BMW motorcycles with navigation preparation using the Multi-Controller. 

You'll also receive free lifelong updates to the preinstalled map data.

One more thing: with the optional car installation kit, the Navigator VI is also the ideal travel companion in your car.


Engine protection bar

The tough two-piece engine protection bar is made of stainless steel with a bead-blasted matt finish. It protects the engine housing against serious impacts, while blending in perfectly with the stylish overall design of the K 1600 GTL .

  • Sturdy, 2-piece engine protection bar made of electropolished stainless steel
  • Stylish bead-blasted matt finish
  • Protects the engine housing from damage and reduces subsequent damage
  • Weight: approx. 1.9 kg (both sides incl. built-on parts)



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Original BMW Motorrad Accessories Catalogue 2020
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